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Saltoro Kangri (7000+)

  • Elevation7742 m
  • LocationGigit Baltistan
  • World Rank31st
  • Pakistan Rank13th


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Saltoro Kangri is the highest peak of the Saltoro Mountains, also known as the Saltoro Range, which is a part of the Karakoram. It is the 31st highest mountain in the world, but it is in a very remote location deep in the Karakoram. It is located on the Actual Ground Position Line between Indian controlled territory in the Siachen region and Pakistani controlled territory west of the Saltoro Range. The mountain was reconnoitered by the intrepid Workman couple in 1911-12. The first attempt on the peak was in 1935 by a British expedition led by J. Waller, which reached c.24500′ on the SE ridge. 

A British university expedition led by Eric Shipton approached this peak through the Bilafond La via Pakistan with a Pakistani climbing permit. They reached the peak but did not attempt it. This expedition was inadvertently the first move in the deadly game of Siachen oropolitics that would lead to the Siachen conflict of 1984.


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Fast Facts

  • Prominence2160 m
  • Isolation38.14 km
  • RangeKarakoram
  • First Ascent24 Jul 1962

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